Eye Candy (2011, 2013)

What if some of the greatest artists in history got on a bus and came to Lafayette?  What would they notice, what would they create? 
These are from a show I hung in 2011, and then expanded on in 2013.
These pieces are very different from each other, but they were all painted by me!

Impression Soybeans, after Monet
Sold              t2011 Rep Klinker Orig - Tempera
Dutch realists enjoying     Sheila Klinker, after
local products                      Toulouse-Lautrec
tthiebaud seven
Kathie’s Kandies, after Thiebaud
2011 IWC tangels small
Raphael’s cupids at the Sunrise Diner
2011 IWC Twisted Nature - Tempera Award winner
Twisted Nature of Our Tortured Souls, after Sargent
Unsold    Sold
Dr. Kim, after Picasso   Field off Division Rd, after
2013 Texting of Georgia
The Texting of Georgia O’Keeffe, after Caravaggio

2013 Sold Thursday 9 a.m.
Thursday, 9:00 a.m., after Hopper


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