Art of Bowls and Bowl of Art (2013)

I love bowls, those perfect circles in our cupboards.  So I started with a desire to create the warm, orderly feeling of Crate & Barrel.  Who doesn’t love Crate & Barrel?  But a lot of other emotions came out, instead.

I had a small bowl of paint crumbles I’d saved up, leftovers from art I’d made.  Viewers were invited to play with the “bowl of art”.  I forgot to take a good photo of it.


Divorce Bowls
Divorce Bowls

2013 Gifted Oil Icarus Bowl  2013 Sold Oil Bowl's Eye
“Icarus Bowl”      “Bowl’s Eye”

“Spill”, mixed media (24″x 36″)


“Bowls of Pain and Redemption” (Oil, 20″ x 30″)

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