Fine Art

Paint & Party


Quick Portraits
I love to paint realistic local landscapes for the people in my community.

But I’m not limited to realistic local landscapes.
Some of my landscapes are wild and turbulent.
I’ve also been painting large abstractions where people look like bowls.

And I paint bowls.

And I make a lot of things that are hilarious.

I did a whole series where I pretended to be famous artists
who were in my town for the day
“Impression Soybeans”?? Ha!

My art can be jubilant. Or mournful, or angry.
Sometimes I just paint pretty flowers.
Because that’s what I experience.

And that’s not all.

I’ve drawn over 2,000 quick-sketch portraits at art fairs and community events.
It delights me to create drawings that are inexpensive and personally relevant.
People enjoy watching me draw and I’m glad to offer them a window to my process.
Because we are here together.

But wait!  There’s more!

You’re invited to paint with me :).
Come make some art!  You can do it.
It’s a blast!
I’ve adapted the “Wine and Canvas” approach and have shown over a thousand people
that they, too, can paint.
It really is great fun and their paintings are wonderful,
you can see their personalities right there on the canvas.
Because we are all creators.

I bring art to people, and I bring people to art.
It’s marvelous fun.

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