Community Projects

Quick-Sketch Portraits

In 2002 I belonged to a co-op art gallery in Oak Park, Illinois.  We did some volunteer work at a PADS homeless shelter. This led to the thousands of quick-sketch portrait drawings I have drawn at community events and art fairs.

“Plastic Ocean, Paper Fish”
Multi-media installation at a dining court



Indiana Veterans’ Home Panels

 Leaving the studio

Official Ribbon Cutting

Studio Previews:



Otterbein Library Mural

“Prism” greets visitors in the central room of the Otterbein Public Library.  Yes, I was 20′ up on scaffolding painting it!

image image

prism mural


Monarch Bear

As part of the “Bears, Oh My” fundraiser for the Greater Lafayette Museum of Art



9/11 Commemoration

The Imagination Station Solar System


2009 jupiter

2009 sun
The sun takes up an entire wall


Halloween Pictures at an Exhibition
West Suburban Symphony Orchestra