Life Drawings

I don’t have titles for most of my life drawings, but this one does have a title because there’s a story behind it.

I did these two drawings a few years apart.  Both sketches happened to be laying on the floor of my studio (I’m sloppy at times) and it seemed to me the older model was talking to the younger one.  So I put them together under the mat and the contrast between these two women was very striking – the young, demure model, modestly covered; the older model, exposed, who clearly has no f’s to give.

I call this piece “You Can Marry Her Now, But You’re Getting Her Later” (graphite, sold)



Charcoal, 2002


Pastel, 2017


Pastel, 2014


Pastel, 2009 (sold)


Charcoal, 2001 (sold)


Pastel, 2002

2010 luna 2010
Graphite, 2010

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