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Academic Exercises

At age 47, I went back to school to finish my BA in Fine Art.  Here are couple of exercises we did in Basic Painting.  Yes, I took Basic Painting.  Why?  Because painting is such a huuuuuge subject.  I felt I needed to learn more – and I did!  It was wonderful!

Just so you know, Renoir went back to school when he was in his 40s!  Seriously!

Anyway, here are three excerpts from famous paintings.  Can you name the artists?

three copies

This is a pixilated copy of an older painting – our assignment was to pick out the most essential color for each square. 


This makes me laugh — I was taking Design 105 and Art History 383 at the same time.  As I was working on the classic “3 black squares/1 red” design exercise, I also happened to read the Delacroix quotation “A true draughtsman must be able to draw a man falling from a third-story window before he hits the ground”.  Well – here ya go!



This one’s called “Venus II:  Electric Bouguereau”. 

Old Favorites

People who are meeting me for the first time sometimes assume the work they’re seeing is all I’ve ever done.  So I’m sharing these pieces I made years ago; they’re examples of how my journey has unfolded.


Finneytown High School:



This drawing won a “Key Award” at the Scholastics competition in Cincinnati, OH



College (University of Cincinnati, OH)



My 20’s/early 30’s (Madison, WI)



This is the first drawing I showed at a gallery!  Grace Chosey was kind enough to show this and a couple of other drawings.  Nothing sold; I was devastated, and took it as a sign that I was hopeless.

My mid- to late-30’s (State College, PA/ Chicago, IL)

These bowls are the first painting I ever sold at a gallery!  I was a member of the Art House co-op gallery in Oak Park, Illinois. 

I sold this piece on eBay, long before there was Etsy.

I can’t remember how I sold this one, but I found it online – a designer who lived in Chicago mentioned it on his blog, saying he was inspired by the green when choosing some paint for his home.  That was really cool.

My 40’s – present (Lafayette, IN)

An important local charity (“CASA”) was holding a fundraiser in conjunction with the Indiana Bar Association.  The idea was that the Bar Association needed a piece of art about our local courthouse for their collection of courthouses around Indiana.  So they decided to have a contest, and invited local artists to do a painting of the courthouse so they would have a bunch of paintings to choose from.  They hung everyone’s paintings in a nice exhibit with a lovely reception, and CASA retained a commission on the paintings that sold. 

I offered two pieces – one was a conventional drawing of the courthouse.  A local business purchased it, I was so tickled.  It’s the one on the left, below.

The other piece is unconventional;  I call it “The Persistence of Politics”.  I sold it a couple of years later, to a delightful lawyer.


The following summer, I was invited to participate in the art exhibit and contest for the Montgomery County courthouse for their bar association, and they DID pick my drawing!  So now I have a piece in the Indiana Bar collection.  Here it is:



I call this one “Oh Come All Ye Megabytes”.  It’s acrylic, about 24″ x 26″.  Strongly influenced by Purdue’s “Dawn or Doom” symposium.  Have to say, artificial intelligence gives me the heebie-jeebies.


At the “Paint Out” in New Harmony, Indiana.


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